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Welcome to what we like to call 'Backgammon School' section, for those who wants to know how to play backgammon. You forgot the rules of the game? Visit the match section - Everything is a few clicks away!

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Our software is a home to a constantly growing online gaming and gambling community, offering a platform to play online for fun or for real money against board game enthusiasts from around the world. All you have to do is to download our client software, select a username and password, and then you can start playing and gambling for fun money or real money - it’s that simple. The online game software is really easy to navigate once you become familiar with it.

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Laws Governing Play of Pokies and Backgammon Online

Pokies online are greatly entertaining games, just like backgammon. Their popularity among players is not in dispute. Pokies are available in every shape, color and theme from which gamers can choose what they like best to play with. There are countless websites that offer everything and you canít visit all of them without finding what interests you. There are even websites that offer free online pokies to players, just like online backgammon. Here, players can play for fun without using actual money.

Since you play pokies online, you can enjoy this game anytime you feel like without having to go to an actual casino. You will find the same experience of playing in a real casino being replicated when you play pokies in an online site. You will also find out that gaming rooms donít only have pokies but instead have more games. There are the regular card games as well as various other entertainments to be experienced in online playing sites. Some of these will not even be found in off-line casinos.

Gambling laws that deal with playing pokies online are meant to control online pokies and other games being played in gaming websites. The laws chiefly aim at preventing online gaming sites from offering players actual money. There are strict provisions for online betting using real money despite casino industry stakeholdersí efforts to have the rules relaxed. While the law supports online poker machines and betting games, there has been no letting go of the tight regulations as far as money is concerned.

The restriction of the use of real money came about as a result of the need to safeguard players. It is also meant to encourage responsible and safe betting practices by players. This is because of the failure by gamers and the gaming sites themselves to make efforts at realizing self regulation with poker online. There havenít been mechanisms that ensure pre-commitment by casino or backgammon gamers.

When there are pre-commitments, it means that the players themselves will be responsible and that they would spend just limited amounts. This ensures that players do not gamble away all the money without exercising control. Players playing pokies online have taken advantage of a small loophole that does not prohibit them from logging on from another country and playing online games for real money. The law only prohibits the use of real money to those who reside inside the country in question. The pokies industry has thrived despite these restrictions since people just love pokies online.

Our game software

We enable players of all levels from all over the world to join the largest worldwide Backgammon community on the web. Our software, which is featuring a stunning 3D graphics engine, is really easy to use, with a great user-interface that meets all your gaming needs. It's available in 16 languages along with 24/7 support, and provides the player with thousands of players online to play with - One on One, Matches, Sit & Go tournaments, Daily tournaments and Monthly tournaments of more than $20,000 prizes. So what are you waiting for? Download this great software now and join the growing community!

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