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Backgammon rules

The objective of the ancient, yet most modern and popular games of all time - backgammon, is very simple. You need to bring all your checkers from the away board to your home board and start 'bearing off. The process involves flair of luck and a variety of techniques and strategies under certain stipulations. Therefore, your only accomplishable task is to ensure that all the checkers from each point (wherever they might be placed) get home. The rule of victory is also simple; whoever bears off first, wins the game.

As Backgammon is a game of two players, the determination of choice of color is done either mutually or by the throw of a dice. Whoever scores highest in the throw, gets a chance to decide on the color. Similarly,'who will move first' is also determined by the throw of the dice. As dice play the most important role there has to be certain rules regarding even throwing of the dice. Moreover this is the only luck factor of the game. The rule is to shake the dice vigorously inside the dice cup before'tossing them out' and the dice must be thrown from a reasonable height for a proper bounce allowing them to rest properly to take the reading. Let the dice roll freely, unhindered by any object. They should also not be allowed to roll outside the board.

Moving the checkers:
Remember, the checkers on the board are the 'soldiers of your battle' against your opponent. Move your checkers according to the numbers shown by the dice. You may move one checker as per the sum total of the numbers shown by each dice or two checkers independently according to each number shown by the dice.

Where to place the checkers on the board?
Move your checkers to open points only. Open Points mean a point which remains unoccupied. However, you may move to a point where the opponent has placed a single checker. This is called Hitting. Remember if you hit a checker of the opponent, then this has to be placed on the bar and the opponent has to reinitialize the checker. However you are free from any restrictions of prioritizing your checkers for moves, which means you may move any checker of your choice. It's needless to say that you can move in singles or even in pairs.

When to bear off?
You can start bearing off, when you have been able to assemble all your checkers on your home board. You MUST move a checker off the table if and only If the number shown by the dice is high enough and the position of the checker is such that it can leave.

How to speed the game up:
Use double and redouble. The doubling cube placed on the Bar rotates to express the status of double and redouble. Remember double and redouble not only changes the pace of the game but also earns much higher points for you as well as your opponent.

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